Josie (clarityscars) wrote in modern_girls,

Here is my first attempt at fanfic :)

Much thanks to fuzzy_bumpkins and muddyasblood for there imput and help with my terrible grammer etc. Its just kissing and nakedness no sex yet, am thinking of including it when im a bit more confident with writing it. Hope u like this is pete and carl fic


Wax Lyrical

Pete and Carl ran down the street, skidding to a halt outside Pete’s door. Rain is pouring down and they are soaked to the skin. They fall in the doorway shaking their long wet hair from in their eyes. Carl stares at Pete as he fumbled for the keys to the flat; he watches as a few drops of water fall from Pete’s eyelashes like tiny diamonds. They run upstairs shivering, leaving a trail of wet footsteps behind them and burst into the small bed-sit shaking the glistening droplets from there hair. In turn they dry themselves off and change into casual clothes. Pete walks over and sits on the messy bed, falling into the imprint he left from the previous night. He gazes out of the window at the dark grey sky and watches the fat raindrops fall and eventually splash on the pavement; the wind whips round. The harsh night makes Peter glad that he is inside out of the rain. Carl takes his place in his favourite armchair and crosses his legs underneath himself to get more comfortable and picks up a random magazine from off the messy, unkempt floor. He watches Pete staring out of the window; he looks like a small child mesmerised by the rain. All of a sudden a loud crash shakes the windows, and they are plunged into darkness.
“Biggles, I can’t see you. Have I gone blind?”

Carl sighs. Pete could be ever so silly sometimes. Carl stands up cautiously, careful to avoid the piles of books, plates and clothes that litter Peter’s floor. Pete’s house was messy, but homely, and that’s what Carl loved about it.

‘No Bilo, it must be a power cut. Do you have any candles?’

Peter turns his attention away from the storm outside. Everywhere outside was black, only the twinkling of the stars and glowing of the moon provided a little light for Carl to wander round the bed-sit. Every so often a car drove past, and cast light into the bed-sit, throwing shadows onto the pale, white walls.

‘They’re in the bathroom, Biggles’

Carl gave Pete an odd, bemused look, but due to the darkness that enclosed them he didn’t see it. Only a romantic sod such as Pete would keep candles in the bathroom. Carl vigilantly steps round the flat and feels his way to the bathroom, tripping and stumbling as he goes. He feels around on Pete’s antique dresser, his pride and joy, for an ashtray, or a plate, something to stick the candle to. Grabbing a clean ashtray off the sideboard he wanders over to the bathroom. A vast array of candles are scattered around the bathroom, on the toilet cistern, around the bath and on the sink ranging from thin, tall candles to big. chunky church candles in an array of different colours. Carl had never realised how much Pete liked candles.

Carl pulls his lighter out from his battered old jeans pocket and flicks it so the orange-yellow flame dances on top. He holds it to the candle and it dances onto it, giving the room a warm haze that sent a piercing glow across the room. Carl tries to adjust his eyes to the light. He poured a pool of hot wax into the ashtray and firmly places the candle in it so he didn’t get wax everywhere, then placed it on a table in the middle of the room. He sees Pete has climbed under the throw on the bed and was now using his doe-eyed look to try and lure Carl into bed with him. Who could resist that look from Pete? He walks back to the bathroom with ease, to find more candles to place in the room. The room was soon lit up with a warm, homely glow. Carl climbs into bed next to Pete. He notices that Pete has that cheeky, mischievous glint in those deep chocolate brown eyes. Pete’s eyes were the reason Carl had fallen for him; he had deep dark brown eyes- rich like chocolate that you could get lost in; Carl used to stare into them for hours. Pete snuggles up to Carl and reaches out for a kiss. Soft and light at first, they kiss like new lovers, inexperienced and messy, but gentle- to Carl it felt like having a tiny butterfly brush against your lips, before a huge cloud of butterflies start in his stomach. With Pete it always felt like the first time, a new experience.

Carl moans into Pete’s mouth. Pete sharply pulls away and Carl’s eyes flicker up, wondering what had caught Pete’s attention, he didn’t want him to stop, as his jeans became tight and restrictive. Pete shrugs out of Carl’s grip and leaps over him off the bed,

“Bilo, what are you doing?”

Carl’s voice is whiny and needy, but Pete had a rather kinky idea in his head and that mischievous glint in his eye. He returns to bed with one of the thin, pale candles and places it upon the bedside table.

He jumps back into bed, and ran a finger up Carl’s inside leg making him shiver with delight. They start to kiss again but with some sort of passion and fire this time, Carl can feel himself getting hard and starts to unbutton Pete’s shirt and rip it off. Pete breaks the contact again and starts to kiss and nibble his way down Carl’s body. He stops at a nipple and sucks it playfully, hearing Carl moan turns Pete on even more and he loves it. While sucking his nipple he fiddles carelessly with Carl’s belt and eventually manages to undo it. Carl arches his hips to allow Pete to pull his jeans off, and once they are off he feels free and unrestricted. Pete slides back up Carl’s body, which is already slick with sweat. He latches onto Carl’s neck and starts to gently nibble, then moves up to his ear. The skin-on-skin contact makes Carl groan and Pete whispers into his ear

“Mmm louder….”

Then the contact is broken. Carl snaps out of his dream to see Pete leaning over to the table and picking the candle up. The flame dances as it is moved around in the air, Carl watches as Pete brings the candle closer to his body, wondering why he is bringing it to the bed. He sits above Carl and tips the candle to the left. It takes Carl seconds to realise what Pete is doing, he watches the liquid fall through the air, almost in slow motion before coming into contact with his taut body. Carl’s hips buck upwards at the hot wax connecting with his skin, he is shocked at first but realises that he likes it, it feels kinky, but also hurts. He gasps with pain and clenches his eyes closed. When he reopens them he sees Pete glancing down at his handiwork, eyes gleaming but concerned.

“You ok, Biggles? I didn’t mean to hurt ya, just thought it would be a bit kinky that’s all.”

Carl lets out a grin from the side of his face and Pete smiles back. He puts his arms onto Pete’s back and pulls him back down for a kiss. Pete rolls off and snuggles up next to Carl, head on his chest. He listens to Carl breath in and out until small snores start to escape from Carl’s mouth.

He lies content listening to Carl, and thinks life can get no better than this.
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