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Well, seems like this community is dead, lets find it out!
I'm just posting this story because I'm curious to know if there's still someone outta there...

Title: Sweet Revenge
Author: Me (hope_to_last)
Pairing: Noel Gallagher/Damon Albarn
Rating: NC-17
Why always Noel and Damon argued so hard? Hate or hidden attraction? 
Disclaimer: This never happened, I don't know them. I don't own anything (sadly for me, but better for them)

(A/N: The original idea of this is of a friend of mine, but she insisted I should wrote it 'coz she doesn't like to write, so I did. I wrote this story nearly a year ago, in fact it was the second fic I ever wrote, so... Try to be gentle, please! Constructive criticism is welcome)

Someone opened the door and shut it heavily. The noise of somebody walking towards the bed. It stops suddenly. A sigh of desperation. The room is in half darkness, light filters idly from the half-closed window. It’s like all the rooms in the hotel: wonderful but so fucking impersonal. There’s a human-shaped figure under the duvet, sleeping. Or at least it was sleeping since the door opened.

"Get up you drunken whore!" Noel shouted in a really angry tone "we must take a plane in two fuckin’ hours"

"I’m not going to anywhere and by the way, I’m not a drunken whore" says sharply the figure under the duvet.

"Damon?! What the ‘ell are ya doing HERE? Where’s Liam?"

"That’s my room"

"Your room?" Noel asks confused.

"It’s obvious you mistaken the room, you stupid wanker!" Damon says annoyed.

"Well, calm down! I’ve only mistaken the room, I’m not gonna kill ya!" Noel yells angrily. He felt like a completely idiot for the incident, and most of all he was asking himself why in hell he couldn’t entered in another bloody room but not in Damon’s. It wasn’t a secret they two never got along very well.

"I’m not so sure about this last"

"What? D’you think I could kill somebody?!"

"In fact, I dunno how to think about someone who wished I would die of AIDS" Damon storms out.

"For God’s sake! You’re never going to forgive me? You know I was completely drunk. Moreover, I dunno why I said this ‘cause I’ve never meant it!" Noel confesses. An awkward silence fills the room.

Damon is sitting in the bed, staring out of the windows. Noel looks at him, hesitant. He doesn’t know how to do now. He just entered at Damon’s room, began a fight and made a stupid confession. Noel never knew why he’s always been so harsh and rude with him and with everything related with Damon. He has never done anything to him. And sometime he has been really horrible with Damon. Noel’s heard he was on a depression because the recent split up with his girlfriend, but he looked gorgeous to him, half-naked and hair tousled and annoyed. Noel realised about what was he thinking, and it scared him. But he couldn’t deny he was at a hard-on. It was a bit frightening but also so arousing.

"So, you wouldn’t me to die. It’s good to know" Damon says eventually looking at him. Noel prays internally that Damon wouldn’t notice his growing hardon. But he notices it.

"Hmm, maybe you want me?" he asks in an evilish soft voice accompanied with a smirk staring at Noel’s swollen pants. He wants to tease him a bit. Noel’s face flushes to pink and glares at him

"I fuckin’ hate ya!" he shouts. Then he comes towards the beds and grabs Damon by his wrists, pinning him against the bed. And kisses him, slowly at first, tangling his hand in Damon’s soft hair. But the kiss quickly turns into a hungry one. He pulls off the kiss, panting, and looks hesitant at Damon, waiting his reaction.

"So you really want me" Damon says with another smirk.

He was going to add something else but he’s cut by another kiss. He could feel Noel parting his lips, caressing his tongue and sucking his lower lip, begging him to fight back. Damon responds to the kiss eagerly. Noel’s hands had left his wrists and are now in his chest, rubbing his nipples and the other hand is in his waist, playing with the waistband of his boxers. Damon puts his arms around his neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.

He doesn’t know why is he responding to his enemy’s "attack". Maybe because it feels good, especially after Justine has left. Or simply because hate and love are close emotions. Who cares? Any of them both is thinking in this moment, only feeling.

They break apart panting and gasping for air. Damon impatiently rips off Noel’s shirt.

"It isn’t fair if I’m the only one who’s half naked" Damon tries to justify himself at Noel’s amused look. He pulls down his pants, leaving him in underwear, just like him. Damon hand’s roam all over Noel’s chest and sucks at his hardened nipples.

"That’s better" Noel pushes Damon down kissing him again. He makes his way down to his neck, sucking and biting, almost breaking the soft skin. Damon moans at the sensation.

"Ow! You’re a bastard. Everyone would realise about this hickey!" Damon complains.

Noel don’t respond to him and continues kissing his way down, his breath surrounding Damon’s hard cock through the fabric of his boxers. He removes them and kisses him in the inner side of the thigh, making him gasp in pleasure.

Damon kisses his neck, his hot cock digging in Noel’s stomach and pulls down Noel’s boxers, exposing his raging erection. Their arousals rub against each other as Damon licks Noel’s earlobe and whispers "Fuck me, fuck me hard".

Noel needn’t to be told twice. He never wanted anyone as bad as he wanted Damon. He takes the small tube of lube that Damon caught of the nightstand and lifts his legs around his waist. He lubes his cock and fixes his hips between Damon’s legs.

"You sure?" he asks. He doesn’t seem to want to take a no for answer, but he’s asking anyway.

"Yeah; fuck me, make me moan" Damon’s voice fluttered.

Noel slowly slid inside him, inch by inch. He let out a low whimper. It was painfully at first but while Noel continued thrusting into him pain disappeared and it was replaced by the most pleasurable feeling. Damon could feel his enemy’s pulsating cock burning inside him and nailing his prostate. Noel pounded into him in a different angle and hit that deep spot inside him.

"Ahh!" Damon cries out in pleasure.

Noel smiles and grabs firmly his throbbing cock, moisted with pre-cum. Damon moans loudly as Noel jerks him off. He is in ecstasy. Noel moves in and out, quickly increasing his pace and striking Damon’s spot with no regard. Soon them both are covered in sweat and wailing from unbelievable pleasure.

"Damon!" panted the guitarist biting his lover’s neck.

"Uh!…So close…" says the vocalist groaning.

Noel shoves in roughly and after a few more thrust he feel Damon realising against his belly, screaming his name. He buries his face in Damon’s neck and cum inside him.

The orgasm had hit them violently and all they could do was holding each other as if their lives depend on it. After a moment Noel pulls off Damon and lay next to him. Any of them know what to say. It just was an incredibly amazing experience but an only time incident. It shouldn’t happen again, despite how much they want it. It was a craze, they didn’t know why it happened. Perhaps it’s true that sometimes hate is so similar to love. They don’t talk, just kissed again.

"I think I should go to wake up Liam"

"Yeah, I think it so" Damon adds.

Noel dresses and gathers all his things. He was going to leave when he hears Damon.

"I think it must be a secret, don’t you think so?"

"Yeah, of course" he said clearly. "I’ll never tell anyone"

"Me neither" assures Damon.

Noel walks off the room quickly. Damon lies on the bed lazily, eyes shut, trying to order his thoughts. After a while someone knocks at his door.

"Damon, you’re awake?" asks Alex. "Graham and Dave are waiting for us in the hall"

"I’ll be there in five minutes" he promises

"Ok, I’ll see you there"

They’ll have an interview this afternoon; he must try to hide the bruising hickey on his neck. Luckily, Damon thought, the red mark will disappear soon, but this memory is un-fucking-forgetable.

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