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I finally managed a fic, woot!

hello, cyanide_breath here, I prefer using this acount though,

Title- underwater
Pairings- Nick/Julian
rating- pg I guess, theres kissing but non descriptive and drug use
outline- Nick's smashed, it's all a bit odd

I highly recomend that you download Planer Talex by Radiohead (unless you already have it) as that was the insperation for the fic, and it helps to listen to it, at the begining at least.
The fic it oddly written because I wanted to write something that was heavilly movement and sound based without actually describing it as such.

[Nick falls back, his head lolling over the side of the bed, his eyes blank]

-planet talex intro
-intro end, vocals start

[Nick sits, his movements are fluid yet still appear painfull. He tries to focus but the room his fuzzy and a bit frayed at the edges]

breathe in
breathe out

[Nick recognises someone even though he can't see their face, he thinks he should be able to because he knows they are looking at him]

people talking
too loud

[and now they are walking towards Nick, and he knows them but he still can't see their face]

deafening foot steps

[it looks like Fab now, but he knows it isn't because Fab wouldn't be kissing him like this]

white noise

[he can't see anything but judging by how he feels he's so sure he's underwater that for a second he thinks he might drown]

water draining

[Nick looks up, water dripping in his eyes, and there's the face, grinning down at him, and he can see it now]



not at all my best, but I think it got across what was on my mind,
shall go write some other stuff now
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