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Something I started the other day. Need ideas though. Tell me what ya think. Tisn't slash yet. But it could be later on...


It was a dark and stormy night, one of those nights where you should be sat around a crackling fire, in your pyjamas, telling each other ghostly tales. However since when did Julian do anything he was supposed to? Instead, he was stood looking up at a gloomy castle with his four companions, who he was rarely separated from. Fab, was a little shorter than Julian, but his big head of hair more than made up for it. His Afro was as big as his personality. Although it wasn’t quite as big as Albert’s.

"Well, c’mon lets go inside, c’mon guys, lets go, please" Fabrizio said bounding up towards the castle, being unable to contain his excitement any longer.

"Yeah, we really should go inside now, it’s going to rain soon"

"And you wouldn’t want to ruin your hair now would you Nick?" Julian laughed. Nick, who was used to the guys taking the piss out of him for his feminine qualities, simply shrugged it off, and started up the hill after Fab.

The castle was set high upon a rocky cliff, a small road meandered it’s away up the cliff, the sea crashed upon the craggy rocks below. The moon was full just peaking through the thunderous clouds, and cast a hazy white shimmering shadow on the choppy waves. Nikolai looked up towards the threatening sky and then back to the looming castle. His stomach lurched with a sense of foreboding.

"Is this really such a good idea? We should go back…"

"Don’t be a wuss Nikolai." Albert teased…


Comments/idea/suggestions. Thankies.

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His Afro was as big as his personality. Although it wasn’t quite as big as Albert’s.
LMAO! i love that one! and i think it starts quite promising...

Hahaha Thanks =D
is this the one you showed me t'other night missis
Tis indeed. I thinks. Hahaha.
WOO! I havnt been here in ages (cyanide_breath here, I prefer using this account for stuff)
You must right le more, When I'v finnished my homework I'll get started on something, promise
Oooooo yes you must.
I will write more one day.
I swear.